• Susan Taiz

Your Amazing Body!

By Susan Taiz

Our bodies are amazing! They are literally an incredible work of art, and a gift! Lately I have been amazed at how genius our bodies really are! They heal by themselves for the most part, and take us to where we want to go, and perform all manner of duties for us!

In our modern American world, our society puts enormous pressure on us to not have a wrinkle, a spot, a scar. We have to look perfect, whatever that may be. However, as we go through life, we are going to have bumps in the road and things happen. Rather than expecting our bodies to conform to society's expectation of everlasting youth, we can honor our bodies and see them as beautiful at whatever age they may be.

I want to encourage you to speak lovingly to your body.

Every day your body has to filter toxins, digest food, ward off disease, replace damaged cells, and heal when it has been injured. The words that we speak over our bodies can greatly effect how efficiently this takes place. So many times we can be harsh with our bodies, and say disparaging things. Take time to speak good things over yourself, and give thanks for your health. Your cells hear you!

Coming out of surgery recently, I have been amazed at my body's ability to heal. A week ago from when I was writing this, I had major surgery, and now here I am at my computer. I am literally in awe. As we all realize, our bodies as we now know them, won't last forever, but in the mean time, let's honor all they do for us, and be proud of our battle scars. They show we have lived life, and that my friends, is what we came here to do!

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