Seasons of Change

For those of us in sunny Florida, we welcome the lovely fall weather, albeit it may only be a few degrees cooler. However the slight shift in the seasons feels good. We open our doors in the morning, letting the fresh air in, and spend more time out in nature, walking and enjoying all the beauty around us.

However, when it comes to changes in our lives, many of us can be resistant. We want things to stay the same and never change. We can spend years doing the same thing and get trapped in the the same old patterns that are not doing us any good.

With the shifting of the seasons, it can be a good time to evaluate our lives. Just like Yvette was talking about in the above article, you can change your thoughts. Many times it's simply a matter of becoming aware of the things we are saying that aren't doing us any good, and replacing them with positive things instead.

For example, instead of saying:

I am always late!

You could replace it with.

I always leave a little early so I'm on time.

That's just one example. It's those things that we say over and over to ourselves that can really effect us. A few years ago I had a personal experience with this. Whenever I didn't know exactly how to proceed in a particular situation, I would say over and over, "I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do." I could feel the mounting anxiety when this would happen. However one day I felt impressed instead to replace it with, "I always know exactly what to do in every situation." Sure enough, when I remember to do this, I somehow get insight in how to handle things without the added stress.

It's amazing how just a simple shift in my thinking changed my perspective.

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