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"I have been fortunate enough to see Sue speak at several events and and always found her such an inspiration. On one occasion I was moved to tears. Her ability to connect with each and every one of her audience is amazing. I look forward to her next coaching event. I have also found her Youtube videos very motivational. I will often go back and re-watch them whenever I need a spiritual pick me up. Can't wait to read her new book. "

"There is so much more than just chugging around all day in a physical body.

Susan has taught me what living a metaphysical life is really like. She has shown me how to STAY connected to the magic that has been with me all along. Now my life is beautiful, abundant, and I feel fulfilled. "

Renee Mattos

“Yvette and Sue are an unbelievable team! Your blogs are professional, inspiring and practical. Plus they are written by two people that in my my mind, are gold" 

Tom Avrutis

Rachel Harvey

“The Empowerment Center, is a great place for people looking go improve the basics in their lives in a small, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere. It is a place I have enjoyed visiting dozens of times over the last few years. In a world full of change, drama and challenges, The Empowerment Center meetings offer the perfect break from work to recharge and rethink."